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SuriGuides is a tourguides & Employment Agency and booking for Tour Guides. We respond to all offers of tours and trips or outside tours and Suriname Suriname. The company was founded in 2008 by two real dynamic young Surinamese men, who have years of experience in tourism. We provide expert advice in a pleasant manner and for each customer the best tour for the best price. Our employees are carefully selected, trained, Knowledge, commitment, support and encouragement of their skills and continuously improve performance, so our customers even better service to you.

creating new types of domestic and foreign tours and training, retraining and organize information days for tour guides.

Company Philosophy & Service
Every customer who is interested in a trip to Suriname and a proposal as well. Important is that customers will experience a wonderful time in beautiful holiday Suriname.
The reliability of Suri guides, we meet our commitments
Suri Guides stands for Safety, Quality, Informative, Active and Adventure.

  • Special requests are also possible with us.
  • Groups of 7 persons group discount
  • Children from 0-4 years free
  • 5 to 12 years Children price
  • Suri Guides stands for Safety, Quality, Informative, Active and Adventure

Sustainable tourism is travel and take account of environment, people, nature and culture to travel in the future is still quite possible. Sustainable tourism is something we strive for.

Voluntary Worldwide XIOS Netherlands and Limburg University.

Holiday Resort Surinat, Moizoli (Botopasie)

Suri arranges contacts for volunteer guides who would want to come to Suriname for their vacation and work.