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Day tour to Brownsberg

Brownsberg Nature Park is a nature reserve situated in the district of Suriname Brokopondo.

The area lies on a hill 500 meters high summit and is rich in flora and fauna. Like many parts of Suriname is the area covered with tropical rainforest that is part of the Amazon Rainforest, the largest rainforest on Earth. Many medicinal plants are also available, but obviously it is illegal to harm to nature. Some trees are the names. The Howler Monkey is here in large numbers. The area is under the supervision of Suriname Nature Conservation Foundation (Stinasu). There are several houses and camps on the summit of the mountain building, from which paths have been built to the many falls that do occur.

Note: Brownsberg is a paradise for butterfly lovers and for more than three hundred species of birds on the mountain. During the walk there is opportunity deer, rabbits and various species of monkeys to come.

1 day Brownsberg: € 60, - p.p.
2 days Brownsberg: € 150, -p.p.
3 days Brownsberg: price on request.

1 day tour

Departure 07:00 hours from Paramaribo. Arriving at the mountain. Hike to the Mazaroni (top) view point. Visit Leo falls. Lunch. Paramaribo arrival 17.00 hours.

2 day tour:

Day 1: Departure 08:00 hours from Paramaribo. Arriving at the mountain. Walk to the northern viewpoint. Lunch. Visit Leo falls.

Day 2: 06.00 early morning walk. Breakfast and walk to the intensive Irene falls. Paramaribo arrival at 17.00.


  • hat / cap
  • easy dress
  • long sleeve shirts and long trousers for evening
  • swimwear
  • toiletries
  • hiking boots
  • Towels
  • sun block
  • film and batteries
  • small bag
  • insectrepellent
  • flashlight