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Caimans tour

An adventurous and also exciting experience awaits you in the swamp of the plantation Johanna Margretha. In the swamp shelter are many caimans. The caiman is mainly active in the evenings, so you'll only leave at the end of the afternoon. Through the Wijdenbosch Bridge (the largest bridge of Suriname) drive Marienburg, where you cross the river to Commewijne plantation Johanna Margretha. Here are the delicious snacks ready. After having eaten, we walk with a local guide towards the swamp. We board a small boat and sailing in the swamp. In the swamp you all right spotting some caimans. The local guide will then catch an alligator hand, in the beginning it is exciting but above all very nice. This caiman can you please hold and a nice photo of it as a souvenir. After sufficient caimans are caught you will leave the swamp again. Come back on plantation Johanna Margretha you can share your experience while enjoying a drink.

Includes: snacks, non-alcoholic beverage, versnapperingen and guide.Price Euro 45-p.p