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Coropinakreek: kayak tour

Drive from Paramaribo to the district at the Para Coropina bridge. At the bridge, walk in the kayak and paddle in a small stream in the shade of the trees by a creek to La Prosperite, while paddling tells the guide you more about the environment and allows some water plants to see. Upon arrival, you can instantly cool in the dark water and Coca Cola.

Cost: € 65 price, -p.p. full-service.

In the 15th century the district of Para is the exclusive home of the Indians. They left all developments pass them by. Their descendants now live in White Allergy, Kamp Holland and Mata. Satisfied with what nature offers them, many still live as before, agriculture, hunting and fishing. Meanwhile the district of Para, is known as a Creole district and the district with most resorts. One is Bersaba, a recreation resort to after a day in the coca-cola-colored water to have dwelt, can still stay on the banks of the Coropinakreek.

The water is naturally dark, a spectacular rainforest jungle with wildlife in abundance.

Choose from a kayak trip one day or two days.
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