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Commewijne trips

Cycling along the old plantations of distirct Commewijne

Peperpot: Old coffee and cocoa plantation.
Bike: ± lasts 5 hours.

Fort Nw York: Open air museum.
Bike: ± lasts 5 hours.

Frederiksdorp: Along the river Commewijne old coffee plantation.
Bike: ± lasts 8 hours.

Plantation boat tour along the river Commewijne
The visits to the open air museum old fort New Amsterdam, Rust & Work (small fishing village) and Johanna Margarita & Old coffee plantation Frederiksdorp.
Transport: boat takes ± 8 hours.

Dolphins Pots. ± lasts 4 hours
Dolphins Rest & Pots old plantation work. takes ± 7 hours
Dolphins Pots old fort Nw Amsterdam. takes ± 7 hours
Jars Dolphins "fishing - angling. takes ± 7 hours

Cayman Tour (swamp tour) place

Johanna & Margarita. ± lasts 4 hours

Fishing fishing or relaxing on the beach Matapica

takes ± 9 hours