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Para & Lelydorp

Butterfly Garden
Butterfly Garden and Butterfly farm (Neotropical Insects NV).
There are about 20 native species cultivated. The dolls are of high standards and are intended for dozens of butterfly gardens abroad. Transport: Bus: ± 2 ½ hours duration.
Butterfly Garden & crafts
The Artisan is ideal for groups looking for nostalgia. There is so much to see that you really will be amazed at. Visit the Maroon and indigenous wood carvers nurse pots. Transport: Bus: ± lasts 15 hours.
Old butterfly garden crafts & Coropinakreek
Transport: Bus: ± lasts 8hrs.
Colakreek its name from the dark brown creek water that looks like Coke. Hence the name "Cola Kreek. Although the water is dark brown, has nothing to do with its quality. The deep brown color comes from falling leaves and this process keeps the acidity of the water constantly, so it is safe bathing. Transport: Bus: ± lasts 8hrs.
Coropinakreek (Bersaba)
The Coropinakreek flows into the River Para. Already in the 15th century there were many plantations along the creek, where they mainly sugar and tobacco grown. The place now called Bersaba plantation called La Prosperite in fact, a French name, which means Prosperity. Swimming and relaxing in the dark water cooled as cola. Transport: Bus: ± lasts 8hrs.