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One of the special areas in Suriname is the nature of Galibi 4000 acres situated on the Atlantic Ocean, near the mouth of the Maroni River in northeast Suriname, near the border with French Guyana. It is known for laying turtles. In Galibi could be one of the most remarkable phenomena observed in nature in Suriname:

Galibi for 2 days € 154, -
Galibi for 3 days € 194, -

You have a great chance with your own eyes, to meet enormous sea turtles, the beaches of Galibi between February and early August to visit large numbers of eggs buried in the sand. The Surinamese are three types of beaches for sea turtles:

Aitkanti of the leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea)
tight or the green turtle (Chelonia mydas)
The Warana or dwarf turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea).

All types come out at night with high water ashore to lay their eggs. Your visit to the beach is thus dependent on the water that day and can early in the evening but late at night. Depending on what time the tide. The nests are placed above the high water mark, so water does not flood washes away nests.

Also in Galibi you know the Native culture. In the area there are two Native villages, Christian and Langamankondre (kondre means village in Sranan Tongo). Two long Native villages along the banks of the Maroni. In the villages you get a good impression of life in a village. At the head is a village captain. Most residents are fishermen and farmers. The farmers are mainly women, on the plots in the nearby jungle particularly cassava cultivation.

In Christiaankondre there is opportunity for tourists to stay in a simple hut. There is also a small zoo, especially where some wild animals to see (and feel) are made. Do not be funny to watch when they are being a monkey on your head or a snake around your neck hanging (the snake or with your permission of course ...)!

During this tour you'll also visit Saint Laurent du Maroni in French Guiana. Here visit the old prison, which included Papillon imprisoned. On certain days, a possible tour in French. The price of the tour is starting from € 5, - (not Galibi tour price).