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Matapica and Galibi beach

Matapica beach
Matapica is a coastal area in the Surinamese district Commewijne. Matapica area is known as Law of protected sea turtle species and is covered by the Noord-Commewijne/Marowijne. The Surinamese coast in this section is wetland (swamp). Between the Atlantic Ocean and the marshland is a sand bank, also known as the Matapica Beach. The sand bank by the sea currents move westward each year a piece. On the bench are several protected species of turtle ashore to lay eggs from February to August.

Transport: Bus and boat. 2 days
Departure 09:00 hours from Paramaribo

Galibi beach
Galibi is a nature reserve of 4000 hectares situated on the Atlantic Ocean, near the mouth of the Maroni River in northeast Suriname, on the border of French Guiana. It finds its charm in the combination of pristine beaches and the nature of Indian culture in the Caribbean beach towns Christiaankondre Langamankondre and near the mouth of the Maroni river.

Transport: Bus and boat. 2 days
Leaving Paramaribo 09:00 am