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Ralleigh fall

Raleighvallen - Voltzberg, located on the upper Coppename River is one of the last large, uninhabited and pristine rivers on earth. It is part of 1.6 million acre Central Suriname Nature Reserve and a World Heritage Site.

This is a destination for those seeking peace and for those who love nature. For birdwatchers, it is a very interesting area, given the many birds that live here.

In this reserve, all eight monkeys in Suriname species counts.

The South American spider monkey, the spider monkey, (frequently seen during the trip to the Voltzberg). For several years is an international scientific research into some monkey species.

The rapids are populated by many plants and animals (such as herons, armored catfish, and many of the famous tropical ornamental fish aquarium). Interestingly, the plant family Podostemaceae. The largest, called kumarunjanjan (Mourera fluviatilis), is food for the fish kumaru. This looks like a big fish with true ruminants molar teeth. At the beginning of the dry season the plants are in full bloom.

The reserve enjoys under the 'bird watchers' paradise of international renown bird of South America to be. The site hosts more than 300. There are very special species to spot, as the harpy eagle and the beautiful pink 'cock of the rock.

On the Upper Coppename River, one of the last major rivers on earth and uninhabited, is Raleighvallen. This park is part of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve and covers an area of 78,000 hectares. It is known as the bird paradise of South America.

Within the reserve are over 350 bird species spotted. Of these very special species to spot, like the Harpy eagle and the magnificent Cock of the Rock. Already, an international scientific research into apes started. A logical choice, knowing that in addition to birds here all eight species of monkeys that Suriname has prevented. Especially the spider monkey swinging from tree to tree regularly.

The calm and quiet as the tropical rain forest with it, gives you the feeling here all alone in the world. For people that love nature and beautiful, this is a wonderful destination.

Transport: bus and boat 4days
Accommodation: Simple
Leaving Paramaribo 07:30 am